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About us; SupremeKits
* Run by its original founders, since 2013, BETA @ 2012
* Our priority is quality. We invest more dollars per customer than ANY other Minecraft servers.
* We have fully built our servers plugins from down to up and all hardware we use is custom selected.
* We build our own plugins! To optimize the user experience, and enhance your game on our network.
* We have invested an unbelievable amount of money into our network. We are here for the long term.
* We actually do listen to your feedback and suggestions, and then take action.
* And last, you are donating with a solid company, not a fly-by-night/basement operation just to earn a few $.

If you are looking for Rank Fighter, Boxer, Pro, Champion, or God click the "Ranks" button at the top.

We appreciate you coming here to donate, or just to look around.
As many may know it does cost quite a bit to provide such a nice server like SupremeKits any donation is appreciated.

Hope you enjoy the server, and keep coming back day after day, thank you for contributing to the community.

IP: supremekits.net

Thanks for your support!, Enjoy
@SupremeKits Team

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IEmmanuel • Today 09:30
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$10 Rank Upgrade • 10.00 USD
mathow727 • Today 02:46
Fighter • 5.00 USD
Megamomome • Today 02:29
Unban • 5.00 USD
Redeyedfrog • Today 23:56
$20 Rank Upgrade • 20.00 USD
Afrenzel • Today 16:50
Fighter • 5.00 USD
Kangaroo_PvP • Sun 00:27
God • 40.00 USD
DrBoss06 • Sat 14:28
Unban • 5.00 USD
benmorgan1 • Sat 00:28
$10 Rank Upgrade • 10.00 USD
PipePvP • Fri 21:04
$10 Rank Upgrade • 10.00 USD